PAINTINGPlaying a musical instrument requires dedication.  My goal is to show proper technique and present interpretive ideas to allow musical growth.   Regular practice will help with success.  


Prompt and regular attendance is expected.  Lesson time is reserved for you.  Students arriving late have only the time remaining of their scheduled lesson.  Lessons need to be regular for progress and well as enjoyment.  Try to make lesson day a priority.


Regular daily practice is a requirement.  Five days of practice per week is good; six is better. But, students must plan to practice no less than four days.  Progress occurs when there is consistent practice and repetition.  Parental involvement with daily practice is necessary for younger students.


(payable at the first lessons of the month for all the lessons in that month)

My rates are:

45 minutes – $41

30 minutes – $31   (generally for young students)



Instrument  $300 and up  (talk to me before acquiring an instrument)

Book  $7.00   CD or tape  $16  Staff paper $6  Music stand $15.00

“Sunday best” for recitals.  (No tennis shoes)



In case of sickness, the lesson is generally made up.

Re-scheduling for other than sickness can be arranged with sufficient notice.  


Points To Ponder

One teacher

Lesson time is for interaction between teacher and child; the parent is an observer unless asked to join in.  This works well for all aspects of the lesson, from technique and posture to behavior.

If you question my methods or you feel there is a problem, phone after the lesson to clarify.  

If you decide to stop lessons, or feel a need to change teachers, please discuss it with me first.  Teacher and child should be able to say good-bye.  If you like the violin, but feel a different approach is needed, I can help you find a different teacher.  I want what is best for the student.

Ending lessons should be done after a recital or performance.  This way the student has some closure, rather than leaving the violin experience dangling in mid air.